A campaign that I made with my creative partner Jaala Kenchington for Newsworks. By juxtaposing real photo-journalism with the flat crudity of emojis, we hoped to show the importance of going to a quality news source. 
The Drum nominated it 'Ad of the day' and it won Gold at Creative Pool Awards 2018

"Newsworks, the marketing body for UK national newspapers, has released an ad campaign which juxtaposes stark images of conflict with two-dimensional emojis to demonstrate the depth of a news story, and the need for trusted news brands to analyse the complexity of the world now more than ever."
The Drum.
“Gravity Road offered a timely reminder of the importance to advertisers of placing their brands in an environment that they - and their audiences -  can trust by questioning the validity of online news culture that undermines trust and erodes the power of context”
Creative Pool Judges.
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